About Us


The idea to establish Trisakti Institute of Tourism Diving Club (Known as STPT Diving Club) was proposed by two lectures; Mr. Rianto Suyatno and Mr. Muljadi Kadarisman in year 1998. Their dreams to establish a club with members that committed and dedicated to providing a supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop the leadership skills, communication, personal growth and highest quality diving experiences.

Coincidentally, Mr. Rianto’s younger brother known as Commander Lukman is serving the Navy of Republic Indonesia . We had the privilege that Commander Lukman was involved in club establishment and brought Mr. Sukardi and Mr. Priyanto, also from the Navy of Republic Indonesia , to be permanent instructors for the club. Our club then was established on 27th March 1999 with its first batch called ‘Batch 1998’. 

We were having a tough time to set-up in the beginning. With a pretty simply equipment we went for diving in nobody’s island with no lodging. Slowly but sure we set-up the club with a couple dozen members join and the club slowly growing big and famous since 2002! We had the most fun and best activities environment and only in this club! 

Only memories that we had to make us to remember and will always treasure! Members with not only Good Coffee Friends, but also people who always there through Good and Bad times and many more. We will be together, we will be a team, and we will be a family still. Together forever and never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. That’s the foundation of this home. This is our home that we can remember to tell what worthy things are all about! Thanks to our pioneers, Mr. Rianto – Mr. Muljadi – Commander Lukman.

Join us & experience the highest quality diving experiences!

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